Marco Cabello. A Graphic Designer based in Chile, borned in 1987 with a vision to inspire to others with my words and dedication in life. With a perfectionist mind, a great passion in every project and dedication in what I really love. A combination of what you need, what you want and what I’m able to do for you.
So, let’s talk today ’cause tomorrow could be late.

|From each Destruction born a Creation.

My Brand

People know me as  Hammer because when I was a kid I played Warcraft, Age of Empires 2 and WarHammer, loving the hammers of war. Then, at the University the teacher ask me to create a personal brand and I use that name as an alias because a hammer is able to Create and Destroy. Just depends of how you use it. Stop! Hammer time!

It’s all about music

In 2014 I decided to create Bassmusic.cl, a website magazine with all the news about the Harder style in dance music for Chile & Latin America. I’m working as designer & journalist since the beginning and the main idea is share the info in spanish to create a musical culture and expand our Hard Dance scene in my country.

dj missk8- hammer- bassmusic

In 2017 together with Sebastian Riffo we recreate a new face for Yourstuff.cl, a website who offer you just official merchandise of artists and events from the harder styles to our people with a very great success at the kick off!


Combining two different worlds in just one

What you see when you look into the mirror? My answer is to an awesome girl from The Netherlands called Elke van Kessel with who I’ve been working in ideas, sharing dreams and also working together combining our arts. She is like me, really dedicated and professional. That is what I see when I look up to the mirror and cannot be more proud of it.


Future & Free time

Keep working, keep smiling, keep dreaming to move someday to The Netherlands and work full time with the artists over there. Always listening music to be inspired to create and combine my life with sports like hiking or going to workout at the gym. It’s a good way to enjoy the only life we have.




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