Cirqus presents Deetox

I’m very happy to work with these guys from Cirqus, new promoters of hard dance events in Chile and this is the second artwork that I did for them.

In this case, I was in charge of the artwork for a special edition with the Queen of Raw Deetox! And, as you can see this is a new style of artwork, different to what I’m used to do with more lights, effects, and stuffs like that.

Now, the promoter requests me a different design as a geometrical pattern and that is what I did with a final result that I really love and yes, is very functional and attractive with that combination of colors black, white and yellow.

Cirqus was really happy with the result for this upcoming event on September 22nd and also myself, it’s a good honor to work with them for one of my favorite artists of the moment, The Queen of Raw,┬áDeetox.


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