Dance Capitolium 2017

A few weeks ago, the promoter of Dance Capitolium (a local hard dance event) gets in touch with me to work with them for this third edition of Energy 2017 which has as special guest to Dj Thera and Miss K8.

The concept for this edition was very clear “we want something Greek” so I started to search some very good image to use in the background and then create something special about the Greek ambient.

To reach that, the colours wasn’t to be dark, so I decided to use white as much as I can and add a very cool lights on the artwork to create something like “Gods”, “the Chosen ones” for this event and give the magical ambient with lens flares, lights and particles but very smooth.

About the background, two sides. The left side was inspired for the Heaven and the right side inspired by the Hell in their tones and their natural activities.

This was the final art and I really love what I did for this event. Completely and inmediately approved. The best feeling for a designer indeed.


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