Living a dream

Since I started to work as Graphic Designer for the Chilean hard dance scene, my focus was to work with my favorite artists from this style called Hardstyle and after many years, I did it and I’m still working with a few ones like Malua from The Netherland.

When I travelled to The Netherland I really wanted to work for one of those huge festival in the summer season but this idea was really far because I didn’t have the contact or agency to work with.

After many years more, a friend (Alex Riddell) recommend my work to Lise Proost, a designer from Belgium who works for many of the festivals in that country and since that moment it started a dream.

Now, I’m so proud to say that this time I had to create de artwork for Flashback Festival outdoor and nothing less and nothing more that to the bigger promoter of Hard dance event in Belgium called Bass Events.

To me Q-dance is in the pole position of hard dance event, then B2s and in third place Bass Events so, you can imagine how important was this to me and how happy I am to grow as designer out of my country, even more outside than here.

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